A pregnant mother must face the toxic outside world in order to save her sister before the Rain Walkers they baptize her in the lethal rain.


‘Unearth’ is a story that embodies life in its fullest, as well as its weakest. An ode to nature, motherhood, and sorrow; it is our intention and hopes this film will remind us of the duty we all hold to care for the earth and those we love.


‘Unearth’’ is a short film following Rowan, a pregnant woman, and her family, living in a world where rain kills almost everything it touches, except the evangelical Rain Walkers. The film takes place during two separate timelines, one where Rowan travels a dangerous and desolate path to save her younger sister Erin, who was kidnapped to be ‘baptized’ by the Rainwalkers, and another, inside their home where we get a closer look at the Rainwalkers as they try to recruit Erin before the inevitable kidnapping. The project is ambitious, but we have an amazing team lined up prepared to make the best film possible. Ranging from sophomores to seniors to veterans, this team is full of people who have a story to tell. With everything going on, now more than ever, we need to speed the process of reversing. We hope to tell a story that will make people think twice about how scary our future can be if we don’t do anything while reminding the pure humanity and hope we carry and can be. There is a future for us.