Pre-Production has started on the drama short film, ‘Decrescendo,’ the first collaboration between Director Alana Areyzaga and Producer Darsh Thakker. Logline: A female pianist is taken captive by an older male piano teacher; with only a piano for company, she begins to play her last performance. Heads of Department include Director of Photography Michael Picciano-Schatten, Production Designer Brianna Pitterle, Costume Designer Elizabeth Jaskot, Makeup Artist Lauren Mateling, Assistant Director Marissa Traver, Line Producer Georgia Lee, and Staff Producer Avi Zephyra.


About Captured by the Views: Founded in 2020 by Film Producer and Entrepreneur Darsh Thakker, Captured by the Views is a narrative production house with a focus toward diverse stories with meaningful themes. Captured by the Views is a subsidiary of Chaotic Neutral, a full service production agency.