Pre-Production has started on the science fiction short film, ‘Something, Somewhere,’ the third collaboration between director Joshua Boshell and Producer Darsh Thakker. Logline: After a college jock sees two mysterious orbs in the sky, he meets up with an estranged friend to confirm if what he saw was extraterrestrial. Heads of Department include Director of Photography Dana Olson, Production Designer Ashley Torosian, Special Effects Makeup Artist Alana Areyzaga, Assistant Director Jay Bell, Line Producer Haven Hobart, and Staff Producer Avi Zephyra.


About Captured by the Views: Founded in 2020 by Film Producer and Entrepreneur Darsh Thakker, Captured by the Views is a narrative production house with a focus toward diverse stories with meaningful themes. Captured by the Views is a subsidiary of Chaotic Neutral, a full service production agency.